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FON Internet

FON's  fiber optic network delivers reliable and top internet speeds. Whether your Internet needs are for a demanding enterprise, government, or home use our network is the only 100% fiber network that runs directly to your premises. FON guarantees the fastest speeds with no sharing and no sluggish connections while downloading or uploading.

    Fast downloading speeds starting at 150 Mpbs
    Faster uploading speeds starting at 25 Mpbs
    Reliable trouble free connections everyday

"Multihome" Internet Network
High performance Internet transit and timely services for commercial users.

In order to provide you with, flexibility, redundancy and reliability, FON gives you a unique access through several "Tier1" providers.
Benefit from the best connectivity time and the highest connection reliability available.

Fon offers many tailored solutions to fit your needs and pocket.
    Guaranteed Access
    BGP4 Protocol
    10/100/GigE Access Possibilities
    Expenses directly proportional to utilization
    Full Band Bursting
    No hidden costs or surcharges

FON confirms the service you are getting in writing with no fine print.

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