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Mobile Backhaul Solutions

FON offers backhaul solutions that cover diverse technical implementations, including Hybrid backhaul, Packet Only backhaul, SDH backhaul and Circuit Emulation Services (CES). The Hybrid backhaul is particularly ideal where all-IP networks have to interwork with existing TDM overlay networks. It enables seamless migration to an all-IP network due to its ability to transport both TDM and IP/Ethernet natively. The solution ensures the ongoing profitability of both the existing and future applications.

FON Implementation scenario
Packet Backhaul solutions

These involve IP transport over a GE link. Where ALL sites involved require IP Connectivity, can be offered using the Juniper SRX CPE.  These solutions can also be offered using the Juniper EX switch
The SRX can also be used to backhaul E1 Circuits using circuit emulation. Example: UNSOA project

Hybrid backhaul solutions

The predominant mode of offering Mobile backhaul solutions is via a hybrid TDM/Packet network. Client interface is at E1, STM 1 or STM 4 or Fast Ethernet . Network interface is at STM 4 or STM 16. These are offered using the Tejas TJ 1270. Example: EMC Solution

Circuit Emulated solutions over GPON.
For low capacity TDM circuits (upto 4 E1s), TDM circuits can be transported over GPON link using the T202 TDM circuit emulation ONT. The solution requires an ONT on both the A-side and the B side.

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