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FTTx Solutions:

FTTx brings the quad-play signal from service provider to the subscriber, whether it is a residence or home (FTTH), a building (FTTB), a node (FTTN) or desk (FTTD). FON offers a portfolio including PON, or active electronics, and end-to-end passive infrastructure.

As technology leaders, FON offers a complete solution.
Across a neighborhood, campus or city, FON makes FTTx easy. We offer a customized FTTx modeling tool that uses your input and our expertise to configure the solution that is right for your application.

FON FTTx solutions include:

    Passive infrastructure
        Fiber Apparatus
        Optical Connectivity
        Fiber Optic Cabling
        Fusion Splicing Systems
        Test and Inspection Equipment
        Cleaning Supplies
    FTTx electronics
        PON Systems
        RF Video
    System Engineering and Services

As the world migrates toward a fiber optic infrastructure, FON is uniquely poised for the growth of FTTx markets. With an unsurpassed knowledge of end-to-end, cost-effective solutions for customers, select FON to help you bring fiber the last mileā€”to your subscriber.

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