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dark fibreFON's dark fibre network is a privately operated optical fibre network that is run directly by our esteemed clients.  Our dark fibre networks may be used for private networking, or as Internet access or Internet infrastructure networking. FON's dark fiber is  physically secure, private platform for dedicated bandwidth and cost-effective scaling. For organizations that need major bandwidth, FON's dark fiber services provides physical security and complete control to shape every aspect of your fiber network.

You can choose what best suits your needs: (a) point-to-point (b)point-to-multipoint, (c) self-healing ring or mesh topologies.
Because there is no intermediate resale of capacity, FON's dark fibre networks can operate using the latest optical protocols using wavelength division multiplexing to add capacity where needed, and to provide an upgrade path between technologies without removing the network from service.

We at FON offer very high price-performance for network users who require high performance, or wish to operate their own network for security or other commercial reasons.
Metro Dark Fiber network is our Fiber Solutions' core product offering. We design solutions based on your needs and specifications. Creating custom dedicated Dark Fiber networks is one of the ways we bring you the best communications network at industry-competitive prices.

As the demand for high bandwidth-intensive applications and services grows, businesses are forced to evaluate new transport technologies to enhance and maximize the value of their data communications infrastructure. Dark Fibre is one of the most cost-effective ways to scale your bandwidth needs while preparing your business for the future.

 Reasons to choose dark fiber:
• Scalability - Virtually unlimited bandwidth potential at a fixed cost. Today, institutions with substantial traffic and infrastructure needs are finding it more and more cost-effective to own their own networks.
• Flexibility - Increased network uptime and the ability to select the best- of-breed equipment to support your communications requirements.
• Security and Redundancy - Have the security of a fully dedicated network infrastructure while retaining full control of your network and gaining the peace of mind that comes with a fixed cost network.
• Simplicity - There is no need to construct and manage your own physical network. Use ours dark fiber solution to meet your needs

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